Tuesday 16 January 2018

Chris throws toys out of the pram

Chris O'Dowd
Chris O'Dowd
Baby's bottle

Chris O'Dowd (left) has tweeted that staff at Gatwick Airport frisked his baby and took away the child's bottle. It's sometimes hard to judge tone in tweets. In this instance, we have to hope that the Irish star is joking - otherwise he may have missed how security works. We've established that terrorists will happily use (and kill) kids to achieve their aims. We've also established that airport security checks should be fair, equal and randomised so as not to racially or ethnically profile people. Such a system, means once in a while a celebrity will get patted down. And occasionally that celebrity will have a baby and a baby's bottle, both of which then get inspected. That's proof of a system operating justly, not proof of irrationality.

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