Sunday 23 September 2018

Catherine Deneuve's right - you can't mix glam and Instagram

"It's the social networks that don't allow people to dream anymore." So said French actress and Oscar-winner Catherine Deneuve this week, as she slammed 21st century celebrities for sharing too much of their lives with their fans.

At the red carpet premiere of her new film, La Tete Haute, in Cannes, the veteran style icon and actress complained that celebrities these days give away too much.

"The private lives of actors and actresses are displayed around the globe. People even post up their own private photographs on these social networks. I find this a pity...this is not conducive to dreams."

She may have a point. Would Yves St Laurent have chosen Deneuve as his muse in the 1970s if she posted pictures of herself in an animal-themed fleece onesie on a regular basis? Would Roman Polanski have cast her in his movies if she had a timeline of duckface selfies?

Catherine Deneuve has had quite a life, as an actress, a model and a world-famous beauty. Her face was so successful as that of Chanel No5 in the late 1970s that the brand attributed much of its American success to her.


Nowadays, such success is measured in advance - beauty brands check a potential ambassador's social media following before they sign her up.

Deneuve's comments this week followed a statement she'd previously made about there being no 'stars' in France anymore. For her, a star is someone who needs to shroud themselves in a bit of intrigue; surround themselves in mystery. But these days we want to see Johnny Depp's children growing up (or his dogs), we're hungry for updates on Millie Mackintosh's social life, etc. Would Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber still exist if it wasn't for the awfulness of their social media posts?

I agree with Deneuve, that to lead a life with a bit of dignity, you need to hold back, and keep some things private and offline. And those who refrain from telling the world of their every meal, and sharing photos of their favourite underpants, will no doubt score higher in our curiosity, but will it make them more famous?

According to Deneuve, "Being a star entails glamour and secrecy. You have to keep something of yourself." If that's the case, I hope she never sees Snapchat...

- Melanie Morris

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