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Carol Hunt: Work out or pig out this Christmas? Sorry Roz ... mine's a turkey sambo


Roz Purcell.

Roz Purcell.

We all go overboard at Christmas

We all go overboard at Christmas

Roz Purcell.

The rich are different. And so are the fit and the beautiful, which is why precious few of us will be following the example of model Roz Purcell and spending our Christmas working, instead of pigging, out.

This week Roz revealed that she'll be spending Christmas Lanzarote, putting in hours of strenuous fitness training at the famous Club La Santa - where "many pro-athletes choose to stay and train because of the ideal training conditions and facilities that are maintained to the highest of standards".

Phew. I'm exhausted just writing that sentence. This isn't just a once off, it-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time notion that some of us lesser mortals are prone to getting at times of guilty weakness.

No, our Roz has now made this fitness programme part of her annual Christmas celebrations and is hauling along boyfriend Bressie, for the second year in a row.

Both of these beautiful people spent last Christmas at Club La Santa training for a gruesome Ironman triathlon.

"I know lots of people who go partying over Christmas, and I said that if I do that I won't be able to stay on track to get in condition for May, so I decided to come over here," Roz said.

Now, don't you feel guilty? Yes, I mean you, the woman who has just decided to have two deserts on Christmas Day instead of one, because she couldn't make up her mind which she preferred best (traditional trifle and lemon cheesecake in case you're interested).

And yes, I'm also talking to you, lady, who is making an extra few pounds of super-sausage-stuffing so that she can pig out on a triple-toasted turkey-and-stuffing-sandwich on St Stephen's Day.

I'm looking at you, missus, you who has ordered three different types of Bailey's liquor and enough cheese to sink the Titanic.

I am, of course, talking about myself and the fact that the one thing that gets me through Christmas is the knowledge that I can eat all around me and not feel one bit guilty about it.

'Tis the season. If we can't put our national obsession with feeling guilty about everything aside for a few days over Christmas, then we really do need help.

But then I read all about the beautiful people denying themselves those few precious debauched days so that they can keep fit and healthy?

And there's all those helpful magazine articles headlined 'Christmas Feasting Without the Guilt - or the Pounds' or 'Healthy Ideas for Keeping Trim and Slim this Christmas'.

All of which should read: "You Don't Feel Guilty About Eating Your Way though Christmas? Well, You Should!"

I have to say I felt a little bit guilty when I read about Roz and Bressie's Super-Douper-Healthy-Fit Christmas. For about two minutes.

Roz herself has said that she "would actually love to spend it at home this year because you miss that crisp cold air on Christmas Day and a proper Christmas dinner".

Last Christmas, Bressie tweeted: "Won't lie to ye. Homesick."

Oh bless, the poor child. So now, we can all feel doubly guilty.

As we pig out on Christmas day, not only are we not keeping fit and trim, but while we're having a whale of a time with friends and family, poor Roz and Bressie are fit and sad and lonely on a tropical island.

Hmm. Maybe not so guilty after all.