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Caitlin McBride: Yes, I'm the 'journo' you're tweeting about, Calum ...now put on your big boy pants and get over it

SO, Calum Best has lashed out on Twitter against "some Irish journo" who dared suggest that he profits from his relationships.

In a move straight out of Brian McFadden's playbook, the reality TV star used the social networking site to 'clarify' his feelings for his new love -- top model Georgia Salpa.

And it would appear that I am in fact the journalist he is referring to.

You see, earlier this week I wrote an article highlighting the fact that Calum is jetting off to Mauritius with his new girlfriend for a glossy magazine shoot with Hello!

I also pointed out that he participated in a similar shoot (for the same magazine) in Miami just six months ago with his ex-girlfriend.

A sensitive Mr Best interpreted that as "some Irish journo" doing a piece "saying every six months I use a different girl and take pics with em".

Apparently, I am to "get a grip" and try to understand the inner workings of his mind.


I have never met Calum Best, I have never had any personal dealings with him and know about him only from what I see on reality television, most recently on Celebrity Salon, where he was introduced to Salpa in the first place.

He furiously defended his decision to sell the snaps and seemed genuinely upset that somebody would dare report on his previous actions with the magazine -- something that a very basic Google search would show.

According to the rant, he is also "pretty #!@%*# sure it takes two to tango" and emphasised that he is "not breaking anyone's arm to date me. Thank you very much".

Well, at least his ego is not affected by any of this.

Let's ignore his relationship status, his 'reformed' lothario reputation or his well-docu-mented affection for the camera (he has so far starred in Celebrity Love Island, Celebrity Come Dine with Me, the list goes on), and simply stick to the facts.

I never said that "every six months" you use a different girl and take pictures with them.

I dutifully pointed out that you gushed similarly over your ex-girlfriend back in December. I understand that things are different in your line of 'work' and it's important to ensure that you are as present as possible in the public's consciousness.

Who am I to doubt whether or not your relationship is the real deal? As I recall, my article on Monday also did nothing to suggest the contrary.

I simply highlighted the fact that you are no stranger to showing off your new relationships for publications -- the same way I will simply highlight the fact that you are no stranger to sparking these romances courtesy of reality TV participation (Rebecca Loos, Abi Titmuss, don't worry Calum, I won't go on).

You see, unlike his other half Georgia who, as the most in-demand model in the country, is subjected to both scrutiny and praise in equal measures, has maintained a dignified silence throughout the constant speculation about their relationship, he can't help himself.

A Twitter rant to his 73,000-plus followers is just as crucial to continuing his fame as is a reality TV show or magazine deal.

And this theory is proven by the fact that another paper picked up on the story today.

I understand he has been dragged through the gutter of the UK press.

So I would imagine he is quite sensitive to articles written about him.


Yet, at the same time, he capitalises on his fame to secure magazine deals, and then complains that someone pointed out that he has participated in them in the past.

Come on now Calum, really?

Maybe it's time to put on your big boy pants and accept that you're not going to like everything that is written about you -- especially when it's true.

Now, let's not forget that this is the same man who secured his own show on MTV in 2008 called Totally Calum Best, where he had a camera crew documenting his efforts to remain celibate for 40 days and 40 nights.

I feel no additional commentary is needed.