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Brian needs to lighten up

SSinger Brian Kennedy has always struck me as taking himself a tad seriously, so it's nice to see him make a joke about the famously absurd rumour, doing the rounds for years, that he had an affair with Ronan Keating. Making light of it, Brian joked that "Ronan is a lovely man and we're good friends, he's not my type...Keith Duffy, maybe!" By the same token, however, he took to Twitter to criticise actress Deirdre O'Kane for her use of the term "Protestant work ethic", raging that "the remark really got under my skin and I tweeted her". "Some of the most hard-working people I know are Catholic," he added. Lighten up, Brian, it's just an expression that countless people use. Just like "drama queen".

gTaoiseach Enda Kenny has just rejoined Twitter, and though he doesn't tweet himself, he has some staff to do it. ` "I am very limited in my capacity to be technologically competent in that field," he explained. "The words are my own, [but] they are managed by my staff." It's nice to know that the country's leader believes you need to be a "techie" in order to post messages on Twitter, when all you need to be able to do is operate a smart phone. And it's doubly heartening to know that he has staff, to whom the taxpayer is presumably paying a good salary, essentially acting as typists.