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Bressie's on menu as favourite guest

BRESSIE has been receiving much praise for topping an online poll, which asked shoppers to pick their ideal Irish guests for a dinner party.

It may, from a galloping horse, seem like another non-story concocted by a PR company to promote their client. But anyone cynical enough to suggest that this is anything other than a carefully-researched and painstakingly compiled market survey about the tastes of Irish diners should note the following three pieces of incontrovertible evidence as to its veracity.

One, Bressie, above, is a deserving winner. Two, over a thousand people were surveyed. And three, number nine on the list is Gerry Ryan.

Oh, hang on...

Brian gets used to working the crowd

BRIAN McFadden took to the microphone in Lillie's on Monday night to accompany the house band, and entertained guests including his fiancee Vogue Williams, though I imagine there can have been no more than about 40 people in that night.

Brian is preparing, I understand, for his imminent European tour as a supporting act to Ronan Keating. Well, the size of audience seems spot on...

Don't forget your roots Rosanna

MAY I be the last person to congratulate Rosanna Davison on her engagement to Wes Quirke, and wish a lifetime of happiness for the couple.

I read that a bidding war has already started among magazines for coverage of her wedding, and on the basis that she will probably not wed until 2014, this is of course nonsense. But when the time comes, all I can do is ask Rosanna to recall which magazine was the first in the world to publicise her famous victory in Miss World 2004.

It was VIP. There, I've said it...