Thursday 14 December 2017

Brendan dresses to impress... Noel

Brendan O'Connor Noel Gallagher
Brendan O'Connor Noel Gallagher

It was quite a coup for Brendan O'Connor to get Noel Gallagher to appear on his show last weekend, though, of course, Noel had refused to perform live.

Brendan revealed the extent to which he went to try and convince Noel to sing. "I wanted to show him I was a real fan," said Brendan. "I did a fierce number on him. I even brought one of the children to soften him up.

What Brendan didn't mention is that he actually went even further - as this picture shows, he actually went to the trouble of dressing exactly like Noel - an unusual degree of commitment to the cause by a chat show host.

Personally, I can't wait till the next time he has to ingratiate himself with Panti Bliss...

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