Saturday 16 December 2017

Boycotting new jobs is misguided

CALLS by nursing unions to boycott a HSE initiative to hire 1,000 graduate nurses are misguided. A starting salary of €22,000 and a two-year contract is a package for which most graduates would be grateful, even more so in an economy that is witnessing almost 15pc unemployment.

The two-year contract will also afford young nurses security -- albeit not of the job-for-life variety -- as they build up skills and experience.

It is true that the starting salary is 80pc of the previous entry level.

But with the HSE facing budget overruns of €400m this year, many will be surprised that the organisation can afford to hire any new nurses at all.

Nursing unions have urged a boycott of the scheme, but allegations that it will lead to exploitation of nurses are premature, if not unfounded.

The scheme may not be perfect, but a boycott is not merited.

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