Wednesday 16 January 2019

Boy, this public obsession with having a girl can by a Royal pain

It's called gender disappointment. When you're disappointed with the sex of your baby, that is.

Either at the ultrasound stage or when the baby is born. A girl when you wanted a boy or a boy when you wanted a girl.

There's thousands of sites and online forums to help you 'cope', of course. It's all a bit hush hush, as women, and it is mostly women, are ashamed to admit that even though they have a healthy baby, they're less than 100pc thrilled.

And if Kate Middleton has another boy, well Britain will have to collectively go online and have a communal confession that they wished it was a girl.

Because the internet is rife with speculation that she's having a girl. It's 'confirmed' according to one news site. They're painting the nursery pink says another.


Well science must be moving fast because she hasn't even got a bump. How can they figure out the gender this early on?

Hilariously, there's quotes purportedly from friends about Kate being keen 'to have a daughter' because of her close relationship with her sister, Pippa Middleton.

This wish for Kate to have a girl follows a pattern in the West where there's a slight preference for girls.

Victoria Beckham is said to have had the hubby on a 'girl' diet after her string of boys and there's any number of ways said to increase your chances of having a girl.

The timing of sex, the food you eat, the position you have sex in. They're all said to tip the scales in favour of pink booties.

Until an obstetrician tells you it's all nonsense and that it's a 50/ 50.

If Middleton is pregnant with a girl the next online debate will be whether the little princess will be named after William's late mother, Princess Diana, or Elizabeth as a nod to her Kate's mother in law.

Start your speculation now.

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