Thursday 14 December 2017

Big winner Arthur turns into a big loser, because he can’t shut his trap

AH, James Arthur. The biggest loser of all time.

You want to yell "SHUT UPPPP!" into his ear. Ever since winning X Factor a couple of years ago, he has been sabotaging his own career with pointless arguments, pointless lyrics and making that age old talent show mistake - thinking you are bigger than your record company.

Arthur's most recent hiccup was to tweet about Glastonbury, saying that the acts were mainly mediocre. Say wha' James? You of the so-below-average-songwriting-that-we-only-know-your-X Factor-song fame?

You see, there are three things to remember when you win the X Factor.

Simon Cowell is always right. Simon Cowell is never wrong. And Simon Cowell will make you or break you. You must accept the above.


Those who buy these three golden rules have a chance of surviving, like One Direction. Those who don't are mince meat, like another winner, Steve Brookstein.

Brookstein regularly appears on radio shows to talk about how bitter he is about X Factor. And how blah blah blah...

He is mister bitter. And is proud of it.

I imagine James Arthur might just fill his shoes soon. And he has much to be bitter about. He attracted controversy over a line in one of his songs: "I'm gonna blow up your family like I'm a terrorist".

Add to that a homophobic rap lyric and his public put down of his record company and it was pretty easy for Cowell's label to let him go, I imagine.

So with his recent assessment of the Glastonbury line up, James Arthur is well and truly up there as the biggest loser in the music industry.

He may well have had some talent. But when someone doesn't know when to keep their trap shut, it's never going to end well.

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