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Are we really forking out €120k each year for this bumbling PR shambles?

IS IT possible that guy is on €120k a year and recently got a pay rise of thousands of euro?

Yes, of course it is, because this is the Government that likes to reward so-called advisors before they even prove themselves.

Feargal Purcell's shambolic performance in recent weeks is proof that Enda Kenny and his football team of press and PR advisors are Vauxhall Conference.

The Flowergate incident with TV3's Ursula Halligan was embarrassing enough, but tip-toeing around the issue about whether Enda Kenny viewed the pictures of Michaela is worse again.

And anyway, why shouldn't the Taoiseach view something that has caused so much outrage from Mauritius to Ireland in the first place?

I don't believe Mr Kenny didn't look at the pictures, I looked at them on Monday morning as deeply traumatising as it was, before I could judge just what was going in Mauritian society.

But for Mr Purcell to make a hames of yet another piece of spin is outrageous. This guy hasn't even worked in the media proper -- so it's probably no surprise that he's still coming to terms with the demands of dealing with the press.

The ex-army man was drafted in by Enda Kenny to look after his publicity, but has merely succeeded in becoming the story himself.

His time in the army was largely spent dealing with the bomb disposal team and other non-controversial matters.

Mr Purcell makes the previous press officer Eoghan O'Neachtain look somewhat Malcolm Tucker-like.

But just like the fictional television spin doctor from Armando Ianucci's brilliant political comedy, Mr Purcell finds himself in the Thick of It once again -- and Mr Purcell has nobody to blame but himself.