Wednesday 16 January 2019

Aoife Finneran: Defiant Kenny dismisses poor survey showing as 'irrelevant'

DEFIANT Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny today insisted he would lead his party to a General Election victory despite languishing fourth behind Eamon Gilmore, Gerry Adams and Micheal Martin in the latest opinion polls.

And the would-be Taoiseach insisted that polls are "completely irrelevant", even as his party records a four-point drop in support.

He told the Herald: "Oftentimes, with the greatest of respect, the commentators in the media don't always get it right. They did say that when the Taoiseach was appointed as Taoiseach that he came in with a towering intellect and an enormous political acumen that would sort all our problems out and look where that brought us".


He insisted: "Opinion polls are completely irrelevant now. The campaign is rolling and it's up to the people on the 25th".

And he added: "I'm not paying close attention. I'm paying close attention to getting our candidates out on the doors, explaining to people what the Fine Gael plan is about".

The Fine Gael leader was speaking at Westland Row Dart station early this morning as he canvassed commuters in Dublin City Centre. He was joined by Dun Laoghaire TD Sean Barrett and Councillor Mary Mitchell- O'Connor as well as Dublin South East candidate Councillor Eoghan Murphy. However, the political apparitions did little to raise the spirits of would-be voters who largely ignored the Fine Gael group as they went about their daily commute.

Asked if he was anxious that his own approval rating sees him trailing the leaders of Fianna Fail, Labour and Sinn Fein, he warned that the election is "not about a single individual".

"The point is I made a deliberate and conscious decision to pick what I consider the best people in the right places in this team. This is not about a single individual. This is about asking people to trust people who are competent, who are capable and who will deliver in difficult circumstances on a programme and a plan that will get our country working".

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