Sunday 16 December 2018

Anna Nolan: Will Robbie's luck run out this time?

Lucky man, Robbie Keane. Very lucky man.

You have been very close to losing it all, but lady luck seems to be shining her light on you -- for the moment.

You start only two matches this year with your team Tottenham Hotspur. You then attempt to get a transfer to Birmingham city, and allegedly ask for too much money (though you deny this).

Then praise be to the god of one-more-chance, you get a loan transfer to West Ham, with the possibility of staying on if they stay up.

No wonder Robbie Keane is so grateful and enthusiastic. Skin of teeth comes to mind.

Two years ago, Keane deserted his Tottenham fans in their hour of need, to march off to Liverpool, to fulfil his 'lifelong dream'.

He then returned shortly after a disastrous time in Anfield, saying how easy it was to go back to Spurs, because "this is my home".

Keane is 30 years of age and that is 'getting on' in football years.

There is an air of arrogance about this man. He obviously feels that he can bring a huge amount to West Ham, and there is no doubt that after all his to-ings and fro-ings, this is his last chance to prove us all wrong.

The man obviously just wants to play. Any premiership player, any international player who has not started with his team all year, must sink into the depths of despair.

So all eyes on Robbie. Will the £65,000 a week be justified? Will we see a fresh, committed player ready to keep his new team up in the premiership league? We'll see soon enough.

Stick to commenting, Fintan and leave politics to the pros

I met Dylan Haskins three months ago. Young, beautiful, disgustingly intelligent, funny and engaging. (There was nothing going for this chap!) We were both at my pal Blathnaid Ni Chofaigh's birthday party.

Blathnaid has known him since he was a young fella -- when he was campaigning, devising cultural events, opening his home to musicians, managing bands and starting his own record label.

Dylan is 23. She told me about him many times, I thought he was in her imagination. He sounded like something out of a Jack Kerouac novel.

Dylan has decided to run in the General Election. Check out dylanhaskins.ie. Not because I am campaigning for him, but I am blown away by the youthful commitment from this man to wanting to make a change.

OK, the website is a little over-confident, maybe even a bit smooth, but he has been working in the community since the age of three-and- a-half, and he inspires me.

Unlike those yokes who talked, debated, rang around and decided not to run for Government.

What a bunch of arrogant, egocentric buffoons. When I heard Fintan O'Toole on Marianne Finucane, I nearly threw up my Rice Krispies.

The fact she was even entertaining a spoof, farcical comedy of nearly, never, should have, could have, it would have been great, made me wonder if there will be a weekly interview of people who considered entering politics.

Hey, you can have me there. I once thought, in a pub late one evening, that me and my pals could make a good ol' go at running the country. Now, we were all blotto, and we had been singing The Fields of Athenry, and there was one Z-list celebrity in the group -- oh, and a model.

But by Jaysus, we knew that we could turn this country around. Like every other half-cut group out on a Friday night.

The idea of David McWilliams giving financial advice to this group -- the Twinkly Twenty. If David hasn't realised by now that politicians do politics, and broadcasters/ journalists deal with and comment on what the politicians do, well, he is the biggest fool of them all.


It's like a 10-year-old looking at a professional ice hockey player thinking "I can do that". The moment they step out onto the ice, they are knocked flat out onto their arses.

This twaddlesome 20 would have died on their feet. Because they have as much political experience as me and my pals in the pub on a Friday night. Zero.

Donal Og Cusack -- stick to the hurling. Eamon -- stick to the airwaves, David McWilliams -- keep making up those cute, condescending analogies about Irish people and what they consume or purchase.

And Fintan -- take a look at young Dylan Haskins, who has been working in the community, has learnt what he knows from his interaction with everyday folk and is not one of the middle class warblers who have become tiresome.

Most importantly, he has followed through and he is actually putting himself forward.

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