Wednesday 16 January 2019

Anna Nolan: Smug McWilliams, there was nothing cool about calling me 'your b*tch'

David McWilliams is just annoying. Sorry. I find him smug and egotistical beyond words.

His coining of phrases such as "breakfast roll man" and "patio guy" or whatever stupid word concoctions he came up with, brought laughing at the working class to a whole new level.


And now I see that the floppy haired, foppish dandy is preaching to the cider makers, in the fantasy world of "village Bulmers".

He can be seen on the new Bulmers ad, forking out some advice to some other simple peasants.

Maybe my disdain for McWilliams comes from when I was at a photoshoot seven years ago, with him and my co-hosts for the new afternoon line-up for RTE1.

The Afternoon Show was being launched, along with The Big Bite, in The Market Bar. The photographers were there from all the papers, and myself, McWilliams, Sheana Keane and Blathnaid Ni Chofaigh were lined up to get snapped.


He seemed a charming man. All was going swimmingly until David was placed in between the three of us. Maybe he got a bit over-excited, and the blood began to rush to all manner of places but with a big grin on his face, he said to the photographers -- "Here I am with my bitches".

My bitches.

Yo David, ain't you da gangsta king. Get yo and yo gangsta words. Respec', dude.

As I contemplated shoving my knee into his middle-class crotch, I instead smiled at the cameras and let the incident pass. He wasn't worth an ugly scene at a press launch, (which in retrospect would have made great headlines then, and also two years later when his show was duly axed).

When I saw the Bulmers ad, I thought that he made a huge mistake. Not because he was endorsing cider, but that the tone was all wrong.

The ad should have had McWilliams in a white shell suit, cap on sideways, and a big diamond euro sign on a diamond chain around his neck.

He could have had six or seven beautiful models sitting beside him and with a big phat beat kicking off, he could have looked to camera:

"Chillin with my bee-atch, cider in my hand

"Lookin to da future, thinkin we're all damned

"What's it gonna take for all you homies to see

"That McWilly is yo leader, so come rap along with me...

"McWilly, McWilly... he's da man..

"If anyone can save us, McWilly can..."

Win proves Katie one of our all time greats

KATIE Taylor is just amazing. The Irish boxer won her fourth successive European Union boxing title, and she did it in style.

The girl from Bray, Co Wicklow, has to be one of our all-time great athletes, and as the Olympics approach, we can only hope that she reaps the rewards there, from all her hard work over the last few years.

Town that fought back

IF you fancy a feel-good video on YouTube, you should check out the viral hit Grand Rapids Lip Dub.

Basically, Newsweek magazine put the town of Grand Rapids, Michigan on a list titled America's Top 10 Dying Cities so the people of this Midwestern city put their heads together and came up with something wonderful.

It really is something special.

I'm obese -- officially

Well, here's something I didn't think I would have to say -- I'm obese. Officially.

I took the Safefoods challenge, got myself a tape and saw that I am over the 32-inch mark. After my initial shock and rant, I thought -- maybe I am eating too much white bread and sipping too much red wine. And I definitely need to use that bike I got for my birthday. So whether I like the term obese or not, it's no harm realising that I need to be healthier (and lose two inches off my waist pronto!)

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