Thursday 17 January 2019

Anna Nolan: C'mon, quit the playboy act, Colin. Time to act your age

I went to see the film documentary Senna this weekend. It was surprisingly moving, for a racing story. It charted the life, and untimely death of Formula One racing drive Ayrton Senna. He was a warm, attractive, spiritual man, who was sometimes lost in the political world of racing.

The movie stayed away from his private life and focused primarily on his driving. There were glimpses of a couple of relationships, but they never featured in more than a couple of frames of the film.


You got the feeling he was obsessed with his career. That driving was his true passion. He was unlike the drivers today -- surrounded by wealth, diamonds, women, and crap. How strange then, or maybe not so strange, to see a tousled Colin Farrell hanging around the pit stop at Sunday's Montreal Grand Prix. With his Renault jacket, (What the... ?) and posing for photographs, he is exactly what Senna would have hated. Colin Farrell and Ayrton Senna are two men who have captivated the hearts of women around the world. With their handsome looks and charming personalities, they oozed sexiness.

But to be honest, as I read about Colin possibly dating his co-star in his latest film, Jessica Biel, I wonder is Colin as bored as I am reading about his stream of lady friends. I wonder does he tire of being a male "slapper", being connected to every pretty girl with whom he comes in contact.

When an actor is in his 20s and we read about their dalliances and dates, it's fun. It's youthful and exciting. When we read about a man a few years short of 40, possibly getting into the sack with every leading lady, you have to think, "There's no fool like an old fool".

Why is Colin Farrell single? Well, it's none of my business. But it is a sad state of affairs that his love life gets more interest than his career. The last five movies he was in -- can you name them? No? But I bet you can name the five women connected to him. Alicia Bachleda? Emma Forrest? Rhianna? Jessica Biel?


Ayrton Senna was interested in one thing only -- to be the best racing driver in the world. I wonder as Colin Farrell walked around the pit stop, was the thrill that he was in the presence of incredibly talented race drivers, or the fact that he was schmoozing with the rich, the glamorous, and the famous?

I like Norris but his musings about sexual exploration between men and youths and his defence of O Searcaigh were all wrong

I FEEL that when Senator David Norris opened his mouth, back in 2002, to discuss such lighthearted topics as incest, Greek manlove, and the age of consent, he should have realised that he wasn't in the presence of intellectual, high brow academics quaffing expensive red wine.


He was with a journalist who was relishing every controversial statement flowing from Norris's lips.

He was with a journalist who was relishing every controversial statement flowing from Norris's lips.

But back then, he wasn't running for President. He wasn't even contemplating it.

He was high on the idea of liberation, sexual freedom and equality in Ireland.

What he was saying might have fitted into the Magill magazine vibe, but for the vast majority of Irish people, it would have jarred to within every inch of their being.

So it is with great sadness that Senator David Norris will never get a vote from the majority of people who have children in this country.

He will have his work cut out for him to persuade the families around Ireland that his idea of sexual practices in Greek times were a personal take on what was an actual practice.

The idea of men tutoring boys in sexual activities did happen, but the men did it for their own pleasure, and for birth control and because they didn't think too highly of the opposite sex. Essentially, it benefitted the adult.

As civilisation moved forward, and children were respected more, this practice was no longer acceptable


Regarding the O Searcaigh documentary, and Norris's support of the artist - some people feel that that the young men were consenting and that his relationship with the young men was one of sponsor and recipient.

Rubbish. These boys were poor beyond belief, and any gift that was given to them, whether money, bicycle or affection, came with a price of indebtness.

What frightens people the most about Senator Norris's musings was that he unfortunately seemed keen on the idea of sexual exploration being something that could be shared between youth and adults. It simply cannot.

Impressionable and young people cannot be led or instructed by someone older. They need to explore it for themselves. Lucky the young boy or girl that is sure of their sexuality at a young age. Most of us need time to mature, explore and become who we really are -- gay or straight.

If Senator Norris becomes President, we will have a wonderful man in the Aras. I think he should be President, but it would take a Greek miracle to make this happen.

Teens turn Dublin into a TV gym

THIS summer, RTE is planning to give 10 teenagers the opportunity of a lifetime to take on the Ultimate Street Challenge in a new television show.

The streets of Dublin will become their urban gym as they battle to become Ultimate Street Challenge Champion.

The competition will take place over a four- week period.

Ten will start out -- living, training and competing together and against each other.

This is a knock-out competition, with one person being the outright winner.

If you are 16 years of age, or know any 16-year- olds -- check out the website www.rte.ie/trte. Closing date is June 20.

Thank you, Iron Man - I feel pathetic

I RAN 20 minutes this weekend, in the rain, up and down the hilly town of Bristol. I came back to the apartment, and collapsed on the couch.

After 15 minutes, Dearbhla was allowed to speak to me, and she offered me water. I crawled to the shower after another 15 minutes, and that night had the best night's sleep.

So Gerry Duffy, winner of the Iron Man UK, 10 days of running 42km EACH DAY, and hundreds of miles cycled and swam.

Thank you for making me feel SO inadequate. Seriously, well done you!

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