Sunday 20 January 2019

Amy statue looks a little bit like Morph

II don't think they got the Amy Winehouse statue completely right. In Dublin, the Phil Lynott statue is spot on, and of course we love the Molly Malone one - where ever it is now. But Amy's one in Camden isn't working for me. It looks a little bit Madam Toussads. And a little bit Morph.

CCan you believe that it's 20 years since the movie Trainspotting came out? A very young Ewan McGregor (right) ran through the streets of Edinburgh in the opening scene, bringing us one of the most engaging movies - of my time anyway. The sound track, the grim scene with the baby crawling on the ceiling and Lou Reed singing Perfect Day as the drugs took over. I wonder will Scotland have a perfect day on Thursday?

dRTE2's new schedule looks fresh and funny. Jennifer Maguire, Darren Kennedy, Eoghan McDermott, Angela Scanlon and Maia Dunphy are all there. A gang of smart, witty and engaging presenters. Add to that the news that the Irish Film Board will team up with RTE2 to show Irish movies on a Saturday night - like Hardy Bucks and Adam and Paul - and it sounds like we are in for a good season.

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