Sunday 17 December 2017

A solo Harry has talent to be bigger than Justin

I can visualize the thousands of screaming girls. And I can imagine the poor parents who will have to deal with their devastated teenage children if the announcement comes that Harry Styles is to leave One Direction.

I'm not gona knock Harry Styles, though. He's rumoured to be leaving his band and I think it's not a bad idea. He is incredibly cute, extremely charismatic and not the worst singer.

The big question is: Does he have the Robbie/Justin appeal?

There is probably a check list for all record labels that must be consulted when a boy band is about to break up and one of the singers is being touted as being the big solo artist. Is he cheeky? Can he dance? Is he attractive to both sexes and can he pull off an ambiguous sexuality? Is he an ok singer?

Justin Timberlake and Robbie Williams are the two most successful ex-boyband stars. Justin dumped the N'Sync boys and joined the hip hop world in 2004. He had it all - the moves, the voice and the cutest curly hair. Robbie caused global heartache when he left his Take That bandmates behind. Robbie may have had more ups and downs than a recurring arpeggio, but he is still hugely successful.

I don't think Harry can dance, so he's in danger of slipping into the ballad-overload style of Ronan Keating. Either way, Harry should give it a go and step out into the big bad world on his own.

The kids are mad for him and he could very well be a huge success. As long as he leaves the key changes behind and works on a few steps, he could be the next big thing.

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