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A hipster or a fundraiser? You decide

WWe're in the home straight to the end of Movember. Just ten days before we get to see most of our men back the way we like them. Those of us who don't like the look or feel of a beard were on the verge of creating our own charity initiative: no husband or boyfriend November. You have to tread carefully though. You never know who has facial hair solely for Movember or who has a hipster beard all year round. As one Tweeter put it: "Much like you shouldn't ask a woman if she's pregnant, don't ask a man if he's only grown a moustache for #Movember. You just never know."

gWORLD chocolate deficit? OK, now you've got my attention. The International Cocoa Organisation says the demand for cocoa far outpaces the amount of cocoa being produced. What's worse is the problem continues to worsen every year with no reprieve in sight. But real chocolate lovers are well able to handle this crisis, as we're well used to deficits in our cupboards. It goes like this: Weekly stockpile, eat, deficit. Weekly stockpile, eat, deficit.

NI'm not sure about this new Facebook for work idea. It sounds like a slacking killer. And we'd have to talk online to some of the few remaining people we communicate with face to face. Wouldn't it also mean that Facebook will have access to all your office work. Would it own this work? In the same way that it owns any pictures you post?