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Zozzy TV faces screen turn-off in showdown

DUBLIN City Council wants to pull the plug on Zozzy TV.

The local authority has begun legal proceedings against the street-casting service for failing to remove a massive screen outside the St Stephen's Green shopping centre.

Council bosses contend the giant TV -- which is used by passers-by to upload videos of themselves -- should have been taken down by January 14.

But a spokesman for Zozzy told the Herald there had simply been a misunderstanding between the company and the council.


In a report, assistant city manager Michael Stubbs said the council had agreed to allow the screen as part of a programme of events for the Christmas period.

After it was not removed by January 14, the council served a warning letter on the screen's owners.

In response, consultants for the owners submitted a copy of a letter indicating that the fixture was exempt from the planning rules, Mr Stubbs said.

"The consultants were advised that the exemption only applied to specific agreements and that the agreement in this case permitted the installation and use of the screen for the Christmas period only.

"They were instructed to remove the screen by March 11, 2011. As the screen was not removed by March 11, 2011, an enforcement notice was served," he said.

The council had ordered compliance by April 1.

However, Billy Brennan -- the manager of Zozzy -- said: "It is a misunderstanding.

"We had got a temporary exemption. The idea was to move that to a permanent exemption. That is what we are hoping to do."

They intend meeting with the council to discuss the matter.

Mr Brennan said it was not the case that the exemption has expired.

"I have the letter. There is no time limit on the letter. That is what we want to clarify with the man who issued the letter. The temporary exemption is still in place," he added.

Mr Brennan said they had to meet the council "to see if we misunderstood it or have they misunderstood it".