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Zoo staff were on 'high alert' during concert

A FULL team of security had to be "very alert" at Dublin Zoo as thousands of revellers left families terrified.

Zoo bosses have revealed how young children were brought back inside the gates of the premises for their own safety.

Security teams working at the zoo were on high alert while the 45,000 raucous concert-goers made their way through Chesterfield Avenue, close to the zoo, to protect the animals and the property.

Director Leo Oosterweghel told the Herald that a review needs to be done this week on what went wrong at the gig.

"There was some discomfort when a few people noticed that the crowd was on the way to the concert.

"We had to make sure the zoo was secure and we had a full team of security being very alert and very aware.

"The security (team) live in the zoo and so do I, and we have the CCTV as well. There's a pressure there (to keep the zoo secure) but you deal with it. We were very responsible by taking all sorts of precautions."

He said that the revellers going to the Swedish House Mafia caused "discomfort" for their patrons.


"Some people were uncomfortable and they waited (inside) until the massive crowd of people had moved. It was extraordinary to see that massive movement of people.

"For every event like that, you need to learn something and you need to sit back and take a look and say 'let's analyse this' and let's do something different the next time."

A total of nine people were stabbed, and two people died from overdoses.

Minister of State Brian Hayes who has responsibility for the Office of Public Works said he is awaiting a report and a debriefing about the chaotic event.

"I'm very concerned over what happened. We're going to have to look very closely at it. There's a question mark at the moment on the type of concert and the venue and the number of security and gardai.

"After every major event, we get a report and a debriefing and obviously we have to learn some lessons from this one."

Some 200 incidents occurred at the gig, he said, some of them serious and some minor.

"We need to review it with the gardai and see the level of security that was there."