Friday 6 December 2019

'Zach thought he was invincible' - mum's heartbreak

Zach Parker and mum Siobhan
Zach Parker and mum Siobhan

The mother of Zach Parker who was gunned down in Swords earlier this year has called for an end to "senseless killings" after two of his friends were murdered last week.

Jordan Davis (23) was shot dead last Wednesday afternoon in Darndale, just 17 hours after his close friend Sean Little (22) was murdered on a back road that leads from Walshetown in north County Dublin to the M1.

Zach Parker's mother Siobhan told how she used to make dinner for her son and the murder victims in her home.

She insisted that their murders are linked to each other and to that of her son.

"Of course they are connected and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the two of them were killed by the same person who ordered Zach to be murdered," she told the Sunday World.

"They are not going to stop" she added.

She said that the killings had brought the horror of her 23-year-old son's murder in January back to haunt her.

"I was roaring and roaring when I heard one after the other had been killed in the last few days," she sighed. "I've been in bits for the past few days."


Barber Zach was blasted in the head, chest and arm on January 17. A killer opened fire on him as he sat in his car with a friend.

"Zach was the first murder of 2019," said Siobhan.

Siobhan remembers how she regularly cooked meals for Zach, Sean and Jordan and their group of friends who used hang out in her home in Swords.

"There was that many in the house I could picture them all on the seats," she said.

"I loved Sean. He was a lovely fellow. When Zach moved out of my house in Swords he moved into a house in Rush with Sean. Jordan and a whole load of their friends used to visit them there.

"They were only kids and they were all so close. It's such a waste of life."

Siobhan discloses that Zach had two distinct group of friends - one was made up of pals he made while going to school in Swords and the other was a drug-dealing gang based in Coolock.

She admits she knew that Zach - who was once caught by gardai with €3,000 worth of cocaine in his car - dealt in drugs.

"I'm his mam and of course I knew, but I couldn't stop him," she insisted.

"He never took drugs himself - well once actually he did and he got a pain in his heart and said 'this isn't for me'.

"Zach was arrested with only small stuff. Obviously he was doing bigger stuff."

There are several theories as to who murdered Zach, but Siobhan dismissed suggestions that he owed money to a traveller gang.

"The travellers actually owe Zach money, maybe €100, or we thought they did," she said.

Zach was also linked with north Dublin drug dealer 'Mr Flashy', but she is doubtful that he ordered his killing.

"I don't know Mr Flashy, I heard he was at the funeral, though," she said.

She said Zach and his friends did not heed her warnings about the perils of being involved in drugs.


"They don't listen," she said.

"They all want nice cars, nice clothes and lots of money and they see this as an easy way of making money. Every night he went out I used to say to him 'be careful'.

"Zach thought he was invincible. He didn't think he would be killed. None of them do, they think they're great.

"He had so many friends I had to get dozens of memory cards and key rings for them with his picture on it," Siobhan added.

Zach's car had been wrecked in the lead up to his murder, but she does not think it was related to his killing.

"His dog broke his leg and he was more in tears about that than his car being wrecked," she said.

Siobhan also denies reports that Zach had "thousands of euro" in his bank account after his death, saying: "His account was actually in minus when he died. The only money he had was car insurance which was given back lately, only a couple of hundred euro.

"He used to spend all his money on clothes, watches and his car.

"He also spent a lot of his money on tattoos. His first tattoo he got was his mam and dad in Arabic. He certainly wasn't loaded."

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