Sunday 27 May 2018

Yvonne's off to LA for Emmy date with Idris on red carpet

Yvonne Connolly will be heading to the Emmy Awards with partner John Conroy Picture: Andres Poveda
Yvonne Connolly will be heading to the Emmy Awards with partner John Conroy Picture: Andres Poveda

It's one thing getting an invite to the Emmys - but to walk down the red carpet in the company of Hollywood hunk Idris Elba is the stuff of dreams.

Yvonne Connolly has revealed she will arrive at the star-studded awards show with partner John Conroy and Elba this September.

The TV presenter has nabbed a coveted invite after her talented cinematographer partner was nominated for a prestigious award for his work on detective TV series Luther, starring Elba.


She has vowed to fly the flag for her home country in LA and wear an Irish designer for her big night on September 18.

"I'm so proud of him," she said. "I'm just going along for the ride really, I'll just enjoy it. It's in September so I've got a bit of time to find one (a dress). It's LA so there's the pressure of the dress and there's pressure to look good."

They'll be joined at the glitzy awards bash by The Wire star Idris, who has become good pals with John after working together on Luther. Idris has now asked John to work with him on his new movie, Yardie - which will see him directing for the first time.

"John's good friends with Idris," Yvonne said. "Because it's Idris' first directorial debut, I think it's important to have someone you can trust and feel confident with."

Opening up about her long-term relationship with Conroy, she also revealed that it's "my version of perfect".

However, she said they have no plans to move in together as he's away so much with his work so it's not going to happen for a "long, long time".

"I would love to see him more but there's something lovely about always missing someone as well. It's hard sometimes and obviously the travelling and all that can be difficult to work around but it's worth it," she said.

"He's very focused on his work and his work takes him away. We're very independent of each other and yet we're very committed as well.

"We try and see each other all the time but I'm a busy mother, I enjoy my work and he enjoys his. If he's here, we spend all our time together. He's away a lot."

The mum-of-three also revealed how she has learned to accept herself more as she grows older.


"I learned to accept it and stopped letting it hold me back. Men get away with murder, but that's life."

Speaking at the launch of Perfect7, a new supplement from Seven Seas, Yvonne said she makes sure to look after herself and eat lots of fresh, healthy food.

"I had a dreadful diet for years, living on chocolate and coca cola when I was modelling," she said.

"I had the metabolism where I could eat anything, but that stops when you're about 40. I started learning more about food then when I had to.

"I still like to go crazy and at weekends I eat what I want, but on weekdays I try to be a little healthier."

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