Sunday 21 January 2018


I have enough points for my chosen course but was not offered it. Was there some mistake in the CAO?

It is very unlikely that the CAO made a mistake. Have you met all the subject requirements for the course? Did you add up your points correctly? Remember, only use your best six subjects. LCVP is worth a maximum of 70 points. If including LCVP, it should be included as one of the best six not in addition to another six subjects.

If the points appear with an asterisk after them it means that while some applicants who had these points were offered a place, not all applicants who had these points were offered a place. The CAO has randomly selected applicants from those with equal amount of points to receive a place. Any applicants with this amount of points who were not offered a place will be next in line if any places become available on the next round.

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