Saturday 25 November 2017

You will be caught, gun victim's mother warns gangland killers

THE grieving mother of James Kenny McDonagh (pictured) has a message for her son's killers - "You will be caught".

Mr McDonagh had been missing since October 2010 when he was abducted by gangsters. He is believed to have been shot in the back of the head.

Gardai yesterday confirmed the skeletal remains found in the Dublin mountains on Sunday were those of the 28-year-old.

Speaking to the Herald, Jackie Kenny said: "So long as I'm alive I will not stop fighting for justice for James. You will be caught."

She also told of the heartbreak of having to tell James's 12-year-old daughter that "her daddy was dead".

"She's sobbing here. She had always held out some hope of seeing her dad again but this evening I had to sit her down and tell her that her daddy was dead," Jackie told the Herald.


She said she was told of the positive identification of her son at 5.55pm yesterday evening, just before it was announced on the news.

"It's an empty kind of feeling. I wanted the body to be James so that I could know where he was, but I'm shaking now because the news is final confirmation that he is dead, that he's not coming back," Jackie explained.

"It will take up to two weeks to make a DNA identification, but the guards used dental records to tell it was James," she added.

Mr McDonagh may have been shot dead, it is believed. Full forensic tests have yet to be carried out.

It is believed he may have been involved in disputes with three Dublin gangs. One theory is that he was murdered by gangsters after being wrongly accused of a gun attack on a major west Dublin crime figure.

The inquiry has now been upgraded into a major gangland probe.

James' dental records matched those of the body which was discovered by hikers in the Ballinascorney area of the hills.

Jackie, from Kilmainham, said she prayed that the "animals who butchered" her son "don't take another breath".

She said she hates the killers for taking her son away from her but she "knew they would never win because good always triumphs over evil".

Jackie described the culprits as "nothing but scum". Her main focus now will be to fight for justice.


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