Saturday 16 December 2017

'You should let me inflict pain on you' - text allegedly sent by the accused

Graham Dwyer
Graham Dwyer

The following messages were among a series of texts exchanged in 2011 between Elaine O'Hara's iPhone and 083 1103474.

This was the number of a pre-paid phone purchased by a "Goroon Caisholm" which was never found but which the prosecution claims was being used by Mr Dwyer.

"You should always let me stab you or find me someone else to do it to." - 083 number.

"All the time sir? Between the punches and stabs, I will never find my true love." - EOH

"You are right, Sir, I am old and ugly... so I'll be here if you want, Sir," - EOH

"Don't be so hard on yourself, just lower your expectations." - 083 number.

"You'd better find someone I can sink my blade into then, get working on it," - 083 number

"I found a dead sheep yesterday. Might go back after dark and see how it feels to sink a knife in to it" - 083 number

"I want to do a woman next. It was a fantastic feeling, the knife going in and watching blood spurt out. So happy. X" - 083 number

"I'm a sadist, I enjoy others pain. You should let me inflict pain on you." - 083 number.

"Step up to be a Master...You're a guy who just wants a bit on the side, like all the guys who cheat on their wives." - EOH

"I want to stick my knife in flesh while sexually aroused and see pain.

"Blood turns me on and I would like to stab a girl to death sometime... Help me satisfy my stabbing fetish. Find me someone or offer your own flesh." - 083 number

"I want someone to care for me and love me, that will never change Sir. I can still have it, can't I Sir?" - EOH

"I have everything ready if it all becomes too much... Just think, all your worries gone. I could fit you in Thursday." - 083 number

"I know you want it, 30 seconds to slip into oblivion," - 083 number

"Please. I have to think and decide. Please stop," - EOH

"Lots of people have stabbed and got away with it. Why not me?" - 083 number

"Looking forward to getting new bike tomorrow to try to lose weight. Must get fit for the murder." - 083 number

"I dreamt about standing on that stool the way it was, and you walked out of the apartment. I slipped and choked myself.

"Then it changed. You brought in a girl, removed my blindfold and made me watch you stab her to death." - EOH

"I am thinking of visiting a prostitute to see how easy it might be to kill her. What do you think?" - 083 number

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