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Yes, we had to pay for some airfares – students behind novel fundraiser

A NUMBER of participants in the much publicised Trinity College Jailbreak paid for flights using money they raised from the public.

It's understood that a small number of participants collected money shaking buckets – in one case a student collected money outside the Aviva stadium.

Students were allowed use their own money to buy food, but they could not spend their own money on transport.

Today, Jailbreak organisers defended the fundraiser – which saw a 68 participants in teams of two go to destinations across the globe. Students were allowed shake buckets to raise money in airports for flights, but a spokesperson said collectors had to tell the public what the money would be spent on.

Meanwhile, Lady In Red singer Chris de Burgh paid for flights home for Jailbreak winners Claire Cullen and Matthew Hainbach. He flew the pair home from Buenos Aires.

The event has raised €11,000 – which will go to St Vincent de Paul and Amnesty International.