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'Years of torture have torn us apart' - mum of missing man


Anna Varslavane and William Maughan

Anna Varslavane and William Maughan

Anna Varslavane and William Maughan

The family of murdered man William Maughan have described the four years since he went missing as "torture" as they appealed for information.

Gardai believe Mr Maughan and his pregnant girlfriend Anna Varslavane, from Lithuania, were murdered, but their bodies have never been found.

The couple, who had been living in Gormanston, Co Meath, had been set to move back to Tallaght on the day they dis- appeared in April 2015.

They were due to meet his mother, Helen, to get a lift.

However, when she arrived at the meeting point there was no sign of them and the couple could not be contacted.

A number of searches have taken place since then to find their bodies.

A major search was conducted in Louth in April 2017, following a previous search in the county two years before.

A Crimecall appeal was launched last night, with Mrs Maughan saying her family has been "torn apart" over the past four years.

The heartbroken mother said nobody could know the pain they were suffering until they were actually put through something like this.


Ms Maughan added that nobody should have to go through such agony.

"This will be four years in April now since this happened to William and Anna; four years of torture. Our family is torn apart," she said.

"Nobody knows what this pain is until they're in this situation themselves.

"It's a nightmare that no family deserves to be going through.

"If there's anyone with information out there, I plead to please have it in your heart to just pick up the phone."

Mr Maughan's father, Joseph, has said he has been left "brok-en" by the ordeal.

"This has dragged me through hell. I'm just a broken man," he said.

"They were classed as missing persons for so long and the day the detectives came to my house and updated to a murder from a missing persons, it kicks in that he's gone."

The missing man's sister, Sabrina, said that every night she goes to bed wondering: "Will tomorrow be a better day? Is our William and Anna going to be found tomorrow?"

Both parents appealed for anyone with information to come forward in an effort to locate the couple, so they can hold funerals for them.

Mr Maughan's father appealed to those who know anything to "do the right thing" and get in touch.

"Put the Maughan family at some kind of peace so we can lay our son with Anna," he said.

"Please, come forward and do the right thing."

A violent crime gang with links to jailed criminal Cornelius Price is suspected of murdering the couple and disposing of their bodies.