Tuesday 25 September 2018

X Factor's Rylan - I'm offended by No side's family posters


Rylan Clark
Rylan Clark

Reality star Rylan Clark was left shocked by some of the messages on posters campaigning for a 'No' vote in this month's referendum on same-sex marriage.

The former X Factor star - who was raised by a single mother - said he couldn't believe it when he was driving through Dublin yesterday and saw the phrase 'Children deserve a mother and a father' on a 'No' campaign poster.

"One of the boards today that offended me a bit was 'children deserve a mother and a father'. My mum raised me and I didn't have my dad and I still turned out alright," he told the Herald.

"At the end of the day a child needs loving parents, whether that be one, two or 20.

"I think that board is absolutely ridiculous."

Speaking at the launch of Big Brother on TV3, the presenter, who will marry his fellow Big Brother star Dan Neal later this year, said he finds it hard to believe that he would not be able to marry if he was living in Ireland.


"I can't believe it's 2015 and I can make a phone call on my watch but I can't get married in Ireland.

"I don't see why a man and woman are allowed to get married and divorce the next day when two men or two women can't get married and stay together forever.

"I want people to vote 'Yes'. It's not my position to judge people based on what religion they are or what creed they are, that's their decision and as long as they're not hurting anyone good luck to them."

However, while they wouldn't be able to wed in the country at the moment, Rylan admitted that he wouldn't rule out bringing his new husband to Ireland to celebrate their nuptials.

"Maybe a honeymoon in Ireland," he said.

"I absolutely love it here - after I was on X Factor I did a lot of work over here and everyone has been so welcoming and supportive of what I've done.

"I'm delighted to have reason to come back," he said.

Former Big Brother star and Irish model Hazel O'Sullivan is one of Rylan's bridemaids for the big day, along with Steps singer and former housemate Claire Richards.

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