Tuesday 23 January 2018

Work-to-rule set to hit Aer Lingus flights

AER Lingus passengers are facing the threat of disruption after the company warned cabin crew planning to take part in industrial action that they face losing their jobs if they refuse to work their full rosters.

The 1,300 workers, who are members of the Impact trade union, are planning to work to rule from Tuesday,

They will refuse to work to new rosters being implemented by the airline, which the union has said are unfair and extend beyond the terms of an arbitration agreement reached earlier this year. In a letter to Sean Murphy, the Aer Lingus director of staff relations, union official Christina Carney said Impact was disgusted at what it claimed were attempts by the airline to "undermine and denigrate" the contribution of cabin crew to the wellbeing of the company.


Cabin crew and management fell out over management's €97m Greenfield cost-saving plan. That document required cabin crew to increase working hours to 850 a year.

The Labour Relations Commission intervened in the dispute and after considerable negotiation, convinced both sides to sign a binding arbitration at the end of August.

However talks on the implementation of that arbitration have faltered.

While the union said the company has abandoned elements of the deal, leading to its threat of industrial action, management said that the union had effectively sought to renegotiate issues by introducing preconditions.

Mr Murphy yesterday wrote to both the union and to individual members.

In his letter to Ms Carney, Mr Murphy said that the airline "would not tolerate any failure on the part of any cabin crew member to work to all Greenfield/binding arbitration finding rosters as published."

In the letter to staff, he warned that that their employment incorporates collective agreements, now including the Greenfield agreement and the binding arbitration finding.

"We expect you to comply fully with all rosters published. Failure to do so will put you in breach of your contract of employment," the letter stated.


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