Friday 15 December 2017

Working with Olivia Wilde has been the highlight of my career, says Sarah Bolger

Sarah Bolger
Sarah Bolger

Sarah Bolger is one of Ireland's rising stars and she has revealed that working with Olivia Wilde has been the highlight of her career to date.

Olivia (31) is no stranger to Ireland as she spent her summers in Co Waterford during her childhood. She later went on the train at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin.

She came to prominence after her role in TV series House and also appeared in Tron: Legacy, Cowboys and Aliens and sci-fi flick, Her.

Olivia and Sarah (24) are currently starring in horror film The Lazarus Effect about medical students who want to bring their patients back to life.


Rathfarnham native Bolger says she has learned a lot from her co-star.

"Every movie I do, I feel I take away something that was brilliant. Every job is like a step up," Sarah explained.


"So every moment is different, every film I come away thinking something was better than the last.

"Olivia was such a brilliant person to have on this movie, and as a female, she is so successful and so business-savvy - I felt like I learned a lot from her.

"I love to say that I worked with her. I think she is a great person in this industry - really smart and well-respected and I would love that some day for that to be said about me," she added.

Bolger plays college student Ava who convinces some scientific researchers, including Olivia's character Zoe, to bring the dead back to life but the experiment goes badly wrong.

Sarah, who is also currently starring in ABC's Once Upon A Time, says Olivia "didn't fall into any conventional horror movie traps" when filming scenes where she terrorises her.

"She was the real deal standing in front of us, scaring the cr*p out of us," she said.

"Olivia had the most work and she had to wear these contact lenses where she couldn't see anything.

"Our set was dark enough as it is and she had to wear these spheres in her eyes.

"She didn't complain once even though she couldn't see," she added.

The cast were also kept on their toes during filming with director David Gleb often scaring them between scenes.

"We filmed on a little stage with confined spaces, so it was pitch-black in there," she said.

"David would torture us, and make these noises, and jolt us out of our seats. It made us scared filming it, which in turn, made it feel and look so real."


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