Wednesday 16 January 2019

Worker returns €2,775 he found in recycling skip


A WASTE centre worker who found almost €3,000 in a skip and immediately gave it to his manager has been praised for his honesty.

Romanian national Radu Hajdu was working at a recycling centre in Dublin when he came across wads of cash in the skip.

The sum turned out to be €2,775.

Radu was the toast of his employers at the Panda Waste Management centre in Cappagh for discovering the cash, which was later returned to its owner.


The money belonged to a woman whose father had recently died.

She had hired the skip for use in clearing out her father's house in Dublin, but was un-aware that she had disposed of his stash by mistake.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said: "When the Panda people contacted me I couldn't believe that they had found the money and had the honesty to call me.

"I am very impressed with the company, fair play to them.

"I am going to let everyone know about their honesty."

Panda Waste spokesperson Brian McCabe said: "We are delighted we could help get the money back to its rightful owner."

He praised Radu as "a very hard-working and honest guy".

Aged in his 30s, Radu had just returned to his job in Dublin after a week's holiday in Romania.

Mr McCabe said the workers set about identifying the rightful owner immediately after they discovered the cash pile.

"We have a system in place where a customer brings in a skip of waste for recycling and it goes through the process in our plant," he said.

"Only after being weighed in and sorted out did we discover the money.

"We had all the customer's details so we were able to find her that way.


"The lady wanted to remain anonymous.

"Her father had just passed away and she had no idea about the cash.

"With a lot of older people that's the way, they would be hiding it in places.

"It's a testament to the staff. The employee went up and said it straight away to the manager.

"It's the honesty that we always instil in employees from our perspective."


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