Wednesday 22 November 2017

'Women still talk to me about Sleeping with the Enemy'

Patrick Bergin on the set of Red Rock Picture: Colin Keegan
Patrick Bergin on the set of Red Rock Picture: Colin Keegan

Hollywood actor Patrick Bergin has said he still has women coming up to him explaining how they left their husbands after seeing Sleeping with the Enemy.

He starred opposite Julia Roberts in the 1991 blockbuster hit about a violent husband whose wife stages her own death.

He said he's "very proud" of his part in the film, as it shone a light on the issue of domestic violence. "It's an iconic film - I dare say it would be in the top 100 films of all time because of its subject matter and the simplicity and intensity," he told the Herald.


"It's shown every week on television somewhere.

"People really do identify with it and I've had women come up to me and say they've left their husbands having seen that.

"It gives an insight into domestic violence and the threat of it because, although he only hits her once, a lot of women live under the threat of their male counterparts.

"That's a huge subject matter. So I think of it as a work of art.

"Any kind of movie can raise important subject matters and people can talk about it and discuss it - it's a good thing."

He has now returned to his Dublin roots and taken on a role in Red Rock, playing the part of Jim Tierney, the grandfather of Detective Rory Walsh (Chris Newman), entering the show next April.

He grew up in Drimnagh, near where the show is shot, and said it was nice to return to his childhood home.

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