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Women calling the shots on spending power, but feel let down by brands

Advertisers don't 'get' female shoppers and many Irish women feel let down by brands. Whether it's food, health care or financial services, ads have a poor take on what motivates female consumers. Yet women influence 85pc of what ends up in grocery baskets and which DIY and car brands are worth buying, a new consumer study shows.

The Purse Power II marketing to women survey was jointly sponsored by PR consultant Rachel Dalton (pictured) and online research agency, iReach. It shows that 56pc of Irish women - with or without children - buy products through a daily deal or group buying site and one in four have done so more than twice.

One in two women rely on mobile phones while shopping. One in three look up store information and one in four scrutinise prices. The study shows that 16pc checked product ratings and review sites for their planned purchases, while just 14pc used promotional coupons for in store redemptions.


TV ads have more impact on women than online advertising. But both media rate similarly - 28pc for TV and 26pc online - in helping women decide on which brands are most relevant. Online scores better than TV in providing the right info to help women make buying decisions - 41pc for online, as against 19pc for TV.

Women see themselves as better at managing money than men - 51pc for females compared to just 7pc for men. One in three Irish women say the best fun they have in their lives is with their kids.