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Woman who stole lotion fell asleep on her sunbed


Woman got drunk and fell asleep on sunbed (Thinkstock)

Woman got drunk and fell asleep on sunbed (Thinkstock)

Woman got drunk and fell asleep on sunbed (Thinkstock)

A WOMAN got drunk and fell asleep on a sunbed at a Dublin tanning salon after stealing more than €100 worth of "tan accelerator" lotion and bringing in two bottles of wine, a court heard.

Alison Ryan (43) was discovered sleeping on the sunbed with one of the bottles of wine half-drunk in the booth with her.

She had also brought the tanning cream in and used it.

Gardai arrested her and she was charged with public order and theft offences.

She was left without criminal convictions after Dublin District Court heard she was now involved in charity fundraising.

Ryan, with an address at Tandy's Hall, Lucan, pleaded guilty to public intoxication at the Tanning Shop, Bachelors Walk.

She also admitted stealing a bottle of Kardashian Glow sunbed accelerator and a bottle of Playboy accelerator last May 4. The lotions had a combined value of more than €100.


The charges are under the Public Order and Theft and Fraud Offences Act.

The court heard the defendant went to the shop at 6.15pm and selected the bottles.

She later used the sunbed while she was highly intoxicated and fell asleep on it, a garda said.

The accused had two bottles of wine with her, one of which was half-empty.

The bottles of lotion that were taken were also with her and were not reusable.

The court heard the defendant had been given the benefit of the Probation Act previously for other offences.

Ryan was now fundraising for the Simon Community, her solicitor said.

Judge Michael Walsh said it was a minor theft and he would extend his previous order to cover the charges before the court.

"I'm giving you a chance, Ms Ryan," the judge said.

"Thank you, your honour," she replied.