Monday 21 May 2018

Woman threatened with broken bottle in robbery

CCTV footage showing the suspect trying to steal the car belonging to employee Victoria after the armed raid on Sharon’s Newsagent
CCTV footage showing the suspect trying to steal the car belonging to employee Victoria after the armed raid on Sharon’s Newsagent
Sharon's newsagent

A young female employee was threatened with a broken bottle in the sixth armed robbery at the same north Dublin shop since 2014.

It was the third time she had been robbed.

The latest incident at Shar-on's Newsagent in Edenmore Avenue, Raheny, happened at 9.30pm on Saturday when a lone male entered the shop and threatened the woman with the bottle.

The same employee has been the victim of three separate armed robberies at the shop, having been threatened with a gun and a knife in previous incidents.

Around €300 in cash was stolen in the latest robbery, but no arrests have yet been made in the case.


"We're trying to provide a service locally but we've been raided six times in four years," said Sharon Dawson, who opened the newsagents four years ago.

It was Ms Dawson's daughter Victoria (25) who was working on Saturday evening.

She has been in the shop during three of the robberies.

"It was 9.30pm and I had just texted Mam to say everything was fine," Victoria told the Herald.

"I saw a guy walking towards the shop so I moved up the counter to serve him, but then I saw him pulling up a scarf around his face and running in and I knew then what was going to happen.

"He held up the broken neck of a brown bottle at me and started shouting, 'Give me the money'.

"I told him, 'OK, I'll get it', but he kept coming at me with the broken bottle. I was trying to lean back but at the same time open the till. It was really scary.

"He shouted, 'Where's the rest?' and 'Give me the coins' and he was calling me a liar.

"Then he told me to give him the keys of the car outside and I told him it wasn't mine, but he shouted that I was a liar - he must have known it was mine.

"Then, when he got the keys, he ordered me to go out the back, but as he went out I went down to the door and locked it and pressed the panic button, and the shop alarm started going off."

After the raid, the suspect jumped into Victoria's car but was unable to start it.

He was then collected by another person in a getaway car, which was driven at speed from the scene.

"He got into my car and started rummaging about but he couldn't start it for some reason and panicked," said Victoria.

"I watched him get out and get into a black VW Golf, and it drove away. I had called the gardai and they came quickly. I've been robbed three times now but this was the scariest.


"The first time was a gun, but I didn't see it until the end, and the second time was a knife, but that guy showed it to me and then put it out of view. This time the guy kept coming at me with the broken bottle, pushing it towards me, it was scary.

"Only his mouth was covered. I could see his eyes, and he wasn't wearing gloves or anything.

"He was definitely from Dublin, and looked around his late 20s or early 30s but may have been younger."

The CCTV footage from the street shows the raider, in a dark top with lighter-coloured trousers, walking out of the shop and into the car.

He appears to have short, dark hair.

The shop was last targeted in February and previously last November.

Before that, it was raided in April last year and on two prior occasions.

Our exclusive CCTV images show the suspect as he leaves the premises on Saturday.

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