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Woman targeted in gang feud tells of horror attack

THE innocent mum at the centre of a Traveller feud in which a mob made a sinister video threatening to murder women and children has spoken out about her terror.

Bridget Collins from Finglas has revealed that she was branded a "rat" and burnt out of her home when she co-operated with gardai after being attacked by three gangsters with baseball bats.

The assault on the completely innocent woman, who was pregnant at the time, sparked a bitter Traveller feud which is now threatening to spiral out of control.


Ms Collins said: "These people are trying to bully people and intimidate them. They even call themselves the Dunsink mafia."

She said that the row stems from the attack in 2011 when she was attacked while in a car with her children. Then 18 months ago her house was burned out.

"It's like you're supposed to just let them do what they want and put up with it," said the 29-year-old.

"If the attack was just on my car you could let it go but when the children are involved you have to do something. They are no regard for human life

"You don't do this to people. My life is in danger since the attack. This has gone to a whole new level where woman and kids are being targeted."

She pleaded with the local authority to help repair her home so that she can move back in with her three daughters, aged 10, three and one, as well her seven-year-old son.

"I am under threat, my children are under threat. We don't want this, we don't deserve it," she said. "I have been burnt out of my home because I helped the gardai to send three of these men to jail for what they did to me and my children."

The brutal attack on Ms Collins and her children happened at the carpark in Tesco Clearwater, Finglas on April 15, 2011. Her home in nearby Avila Park was burnt out just three months later.

Gardai have increased armed patrols in the Finglas area after a faction opposed to Mrs Collins and her family produced a hate-filled video in which disturbing threats were made.