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Woman suspected of helping killers is quizzed by gardai


The chilling CCTV image showing gunmen about to shoot Gareth Hutch

The chilling CCTV image showing gunmen about to shoot Gareth Hutch

The chilling CCTV image showing gunmen about to shoot Gareth Hutch

A woman suspected of providing crucial logistical support to the killers of Gareth Hutch on the morning he was shot dead has been arrested and is being questioned about his killing.

Gardai believe that without local help Hutch would not have been able to be ambushed as he left the Avondale House flats complex in Dublin's north inner city at 10am last Tuesday.

"There was a huge amount of logistical support at a local level in all this. The killers needed cooperation and help for the murder to happen like it did," a source said.

One woman was arrested on Wednesday night. Detectives are also questioning another woman who is a relation of the on-the-run New INLA criminal suspected of firing the fatal shots at Hutch in the daylight murder that was caught on CCTV.


She was arrested in the capital on Thursday evening, but is not suspected of involvement in the murder.

There were tense scenes yesterday afternoon when the Emergency Response Unit and other armed units patrolled outside a family gathering at a church where relatives of Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch were present.

Armed officers also monitored roads around the church before and after the ceremony because of fears that Kinahan cartel gangsters could stage an attack.

Gardai said the event "passed off without incident", but it is understood that armed officers spoke with a young man who has links to a key player in the Hutch mob outside the church.

"The fact that an armed garda presence was required at such an occasion shows just how bad this feud is," a senior source said.

Gardai have said they are now "very hopeful" of being able to press charges in the Gareth Hutch murder case after getting statements from key witnesses.

The two women who were arrested and a "terrified" 29-year-old man who handed himself in to gardai on Tuesday night all remained in custody last night at three separate north inner city garda stations where they were being questioned about the murder.


Hutch (35) was the seventh victim of the deadly feud between the Kinahan cartel and the Hutch mob. Six of the killings have been carried out on the orders of the Kinahan mob.

It has emerged that gardai fear that two Dublin criminals who flew in to the capital from Dubai on Wednesday and were briefly detained at Dublin Airport were here to carry out more murders for the cartel.

The development came after the 30-year-old New INLA man who is suspected of murdering Hutch fled the country 24 hours before one of his closest criminal associates also left.

The suspected killer's Ballymun associate fled despite being under round-the-clock garda surveillance, it has been claimed.

Sources have revealed that armed detectives twice called to the notorious Ballymun thug's home in the aftermath of Hutch's murder but did not raid it or arrest him. He is believed to be in the UK.

It is not known if his close pal, who is suspected of murdering Hutch, is with him.

The Herald revealed yesterday that Hutch was involved in a row with the New INLA thug who is the chief suspect in the case on the day before he was shot dead while getting into his car.

The row, which involved a knife and baseball bat, happened on Monday night, only hours before the murder.

It has emerged that Hutch became involved in the dispute after a New INLA thug threatened a close associate of his with a knife after an altercation in the north inner city.


Last night, a source said that it was believed Hutch's killer was paid €100,000 to carry out the hit.

It is believed that he "more than likely" had taken up the contract before Monday night's row, but the incident might have made the criminal bring forward his plans to carry out the killing.

Gardai remain concerned this weekend that there will be further bloodshed in the near future, with the Kinahan cartel determined to wipe out members of the Hutch faction.

A massive security operation will be put in place for Gareth Hutch's funeral next week.

Sources said the policing arrangements will be similar to those at his uncle Eddie Hutch Snr's funeral in February, which passed off without violence.