Sunday 20 January 2019

Woman 'roughed up' by raider and slashed several times on arms

Bouchon Jewellers was raided twice in three days
Bouchon Jewellers was raided twice in three days

The female owner of a well-known jewellery shop in north Dublin was slashed several times on each arm during a terrifying raid.

Sources close to the family which runs the Bouchon Jewellers in Malahide village have revealed that the injuries sustained by the woman during Saturday's incident were "deep" and "severe".

Armed gardai sped to the scene after two men entered the jeweller's shortly after 5pm.


It was the second robbery of the premises in the space of a week.

The Herald was told that the woman was pulled and "roughed around" by one raider while the other shouted at staff, telling them not to move while he began to loot the shop.

It is believed that one of the men demanded that the mother-of-five open the shop's safe, but it was on a timelock and she was unable to comply.

The men then fled the shop with a number of items including necklaces and watches.

Members of the Armed Support Unit (ASU) were dispatched to the area shortly after the alarm was raised and they searched nearby housing estates.

No arrests have been made and gardai are continuing their investigations.

In a separate raid at the business last Wednesday, a female staff member suffered a slash wound to her neck after a man entered the premises and stole several expensive designer watches.

Gardai are investigating whether the raids - both of which occurred at 5pm - are linked.

The family were still trying to assess what was stolen on Wednesday before the second raid happened three days later.

The goods were insured and the cost of what was stolen was "substantial".

The business was also robbed late last year after a man walked into the shop and took a tray of diamond rings. Nobody was injured during that incident.

A shop assistant who works nearby said: "I think it's terrifying. It's horrific that this would happen to a woman in broad daylight.

"I'm working on my own today so I'm very wary. I would be afraid it would happen to me, because I don't know if they've been caught or not."


Another local person who witnessed the aftermath of the most recent raid said: "When I arrived there was a helicopter and a lot of gardai in the area.

"I knew something had happened and that it was quite serious.

"I think a lot of people are really shocked, it's usually such a quiet place.

"The fact that it happened twice in the space of a few days makes it hard to believe. It makes you worried that it will happen to you."

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