Saturday 16 December 2017

Woman lured into face op by discount offer

A WOMAN has described how she couldn't recognise herself in the mirror following botched plastic surgery.

She was offered the brow-lift procedure just half an hour before being operated on in a clinic in a shopping centre in Dundrum, Co Dublin, and claimed she was enticed by the offer of a discount.

The surgeon who carried out the procedure, Dr Munir Alam, has been found guilty of professional misconduct and poor professional performance by the Medical Council's fitness-to-practise committee.

The board of the Medical Council will decide on what sanction, if any, to impose on Dr Alam, a Pakistani-born doctor who has left Ireland to work in Saudi Arabia and did not contest the evidence presented against him.

The inquiry heard the woman, identified only as Patient A, visited the Dundrum Cosmetic Clinic on April 1, 2010 for a blepharoplasty, which involves the removal of excess skin or fat around the eyelid to give the impression of a more youthful face.

Half an hour before the operation, Patient A said she was presented with photographs that Dr Alam had taken of her on a previous appointment.


"He said my eyelids were slightly drooping and asked could I see this. He said I would benefit from a brow-lift."

Patient A told the inquiry that, prior to this, there had never been any discussion of a brow-lift and that Dr Alam did not outline any risks associated with the operation.

Following a series of unsatisfactory meetings with Dr Alam, Patient A was informed that he had left the clinic and was given his phone number.

"He was very aggressive and told me he wasn't able to speak to me and had been advised by his solicitors not to have any contact with his clients."

The committee found Dr Alam guilty of professional misconduct for failing to explain the risks and other details.


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