Saturday 19 January 2019

Woman forced to go abroad after fury at Michaela jibes

FLED: Teen living in fear over arson threat

A YOUNG woman who joked about the murder of Michaela McAreavey has fled to England following online threats to her safety.

Susanne Morrison (19) was sacked from her job on a Co Down newspaper after making hurtful remarks about the murder victim on her Facebook page.

She has now left Ireland after some contributors to internet forums said she should be burnt out her home.

Following the widely publicised murder of Michaela McAreavey while on honeymoon on the island of Mauritius, Ms Morrison made online remarks which were widely denounced.

She stated she was "sick of hearing" about the murder of the daughter of GAA football manager Mickey Harte.

She wrote: "What is it they say about what goes around comes around or karma ... As my mum would say your sins will always find you out, he he."

Henry Reilly, a UKIP Newry and Mourne councillor, said Ms Morrison has moved to England and he did not think she would be back "for a long time".

Cllr Reilly said: "Her mother and father are really quiet people. They are trying to rebuild their lives. But she has had to head for England after there were threats to bomb her and beat her with hurley sticks."

He added: "The thing is I have said all along that I feel so sorry for the Harte and McAreavey families, but to see a 19-year-old go through what she has gone through for these stupid comments is wrong."

Cllr Reilly said friends of Susanne had contacted him to say they were surprised at the anger directed at her.

Ms Morrison later deleted the Facebook comments and said she was sorry if she had offended anyone.

Her comments about the murder led to calls for the police to investigate if Ms Morrison, from Rathfriland, Co Down, committed a hate crime.

Michaela and her husband John had planned to live in their new home in the Laurencetown area of Co Down before the 27-year-old from Tyrone was strangled by intruders at her honeymoon hotel.

Other messages about the murder posted by Ms Morrison included: "Soldiers don't get as much coverage as she has and they are risking their lives to protect us! It's about time this country got its priorities right!!!"


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