Sunday 17 December 2017

Woman claims flat mate knifed her in back

A TENANT has claimed her flatmate left her with a laceration on her back after he pressed a knife into her.

Valeru Dulia (44) is also accused of striking the woman across the face.

Judge David McHugh ordered the disclosure of any statements and adjourned the matter to April.

The accused, of Fernleigh Park in Carpenterstown, appeared before Blanchardstown District Court charged with seriously assaulting a woman and with producing a kitchen knife at his home on November 15, 2012.

The court heard the DPP has directed summary disposal of the matters in the District Court.

Outlining the allegation for jurisdiction purposes, Sergeant Maria Callaghan alleged the victim, her partner and child were subletting a room from the accused.

On the date in question, she was in the kitchen around 7am getting ready to go to work.

Sgt Callaghan alleged Mr Dulia came into the kitchen with a knife, which he started swinging and pressed into her back.

The sergeant further claimed the knife cut the victim's jacket, leaving her with a one centimetre laceration on her back.

Judge McHugh accepted jurisdiction of the charges.

The court heard Mr Dulia is on a disability allowance, and a solicitor was assigned on free legal aid.

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