Friday 14 December 2018

Woman charged for 'involvement in €6.5m steroid enterprise' loses €342k bail cash

Siobhan Hatton
Siobhan Hatton

A jailed Irish woman who has been charged in the US for her alleged involvement in an illegal €6.5m steroid enterprise has lost the £250,000 (€342,000) she provided to the British courts to get bail.

Siobhan Hatton, from Wicklow, remains in custody in Dublin’s Dochas Centre where she is awaiting an extradition hearing that is due in the High Court later this year.

It emerged last night that the British courts have seized the money she posted as bail. It was lodged in cash by a male associate.

Only days after being released, Ms Hatton fled England to her native Ireland but was quickly picked up by officers from the garda’s extradition unit in a hospital.

She has been in custody ever since.

“The English court system takes a very dim view of people skipping bail, and there is no chance that she will get that money back now,” a source said.

Ms Hatton, from Roundwood, was arrested around a fortnight after returning to Ireland as she had failed to surrender herself to American officials in London.

She was first arrested in London in September 2012 in connection with the operation allegedly run by her ex-husband, Brian Wainstein, a dual Israeli and South African national who was dubbed the Steroid King.

An English court agreed to her extradition earlier this year, but after her arrest here it will now be up to Irish courts to decide whether she will be sent to Tennessee where she could face decades in jail if convicted.

Wainstein (50) is understood to be currently fighting his

extradition from South Africa in relation to the charges.


At Dublin Circuit Court in July, 2007, he was sentenced to two years in jail with all but four months suspended for illegally selling body-building steroids worldwide from an Irish


He pleaded guilty to nine charges arising out of the

unlawful possession, sale and distribution of the illicit

substances in Dun Laoghaire.

Wainstein was busted here when substances valued at €15,000 were recovered from premises in the harbour town on September 16, 2003.

Gardai were alerted to the offence as a result of problems with the delivery of the substances through international distributors.

Authorities in the States

allege that Wainstein had been supplying illegal steroids worth millions of euro for more

than a decade and that Ms Hatton was involved in the operation.

An indictment by US prosecutors alleges that Wainstein had run an anabolic steroids distribution operation, along with his wife and others, since 2004.

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