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Woman (102) forced to spend 26 hours on trolley in Tallaght hospital


Tallaght Hospital

Tallaght Hospital

Tallaght Hospital

A 102-year-old woman was forced to spend 26 hours on a trolley in Tallaght Hospital, it has emerged.

The elderly woman was brought to the hospital at 2pm on Monday, where she was diagnosed with heart problems after a low blood count.

After her initial treatment she was placed on a trolley, where she remained until 5pm on Tuesday evening, the Irish Times reports.

Up to 14 other patients were on trolleys in the department at the time. 

The woman had to be administered a blood transfusion drip in the busy department.

The busy public area meant that very little sleep was possible for the woman, who remained lucid throughout.

The hospital told the paper that while it cannot comment on individual cases, it was aware of general delays caused by demand pressures and it regretted any inconvenience caused.

Work on a €5m upgrade of the facility is nearing completion the spokesperson added, which would enhance services at the hospital.