Tuesday 25 September 2018

'Without RTE show we'd never have had our baby girl' - dad

Louise Ormsby struggled to conceive for years
Louise Ormsby struggled to conceive for years
Louise Ormsby with Kathyrn Thomas

Former Operation Transformation leader Louise Ormsby has revealed she was "in despair" before she finally became pregnant with daughter Mia.

The Lucan woman, who appeared on the series in 2015, and her husband Will had struggled to conceive for years before they enlisted the help of doctors.

Louise (36) took part in the show because she was told she needed to lose weight before she would be able to become pregnant, and lowered her BMI from 36 to 30.

"It does take time. Don't give up. I wish someone had told me it definitely will happen because I was in despair all the time and then it did happen," she told the Herald.


She appeared on last night's episode to meet this year's leaders and introduce viewers to three-month-old Mia.

Louise and Will had been trying for a baby for more than four years when they finally got the good news that she was pregnant.

"I was ecstatic, I couldn't believe it," she said.

"We were just back from holidays and at that stage I had been trying for over five years. It was kind of unexpected. The doctor in the Rotunda put me on different treatments and it was trial and error. I was on a certain tablet for a couple of months and then it happened.

"We didn't go [for fertility treatment] until about two years after we started trying. A lot of people said 'don't be worrying, it'll happen for you whenever'.

"After two years we said we'd better go about this. The doctor referred us to a consultant and then you're on the waiting list for a while and it's expensive stuff."

The travel consultant says Mia has been a joy since her birth and describes her as a "model baby".

"She's amazing and so good she's sleeping all night," Louise added. "She's a model baby. I'm so blessed with her. It's fun, I'm on maternity leave and I'm loving it."

Louise lost another stone after departing from the show and, after relaxing over Christmas, she's eager to get back to healthy living.

"I was good throughout my pregnancy. At Christmas I wasn't but I'm back on track. I'll definitely start it up again and make sure I keep it up. I'm still off the cigarettes as well," she said.

Louise's husband Will is thankful to the show for helping them have a child.

"Without this show we would never have had Mia. I never thought I'd be a father," he said.

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