Sunday 17 December 2017

With a tap of the phone screen, you can look around Medieval Dublin

TAKE a virtual tour of medieval Dublin -- all from the comfort of your own phone.

Dublin City Council has announced a new iPhone App which functions as a walking tour around the city and a historical guide for anyone interested in the sites and stories of Medieval Dublin.

Using the historic city wall as its framework, the tour blends graphics, videos, photos and 3D animations to bring the Dublin of the 1500s alive.

Dublin City heritage officer Charles Duggan says: "Smart phone technology allows Dublin City Council to promote the cultural heritage of the city to a far broader audience than is normally possible.


"This app has been designed to entice visits to the city and once there to engage with its history and origins by means of animated 3D visualisations."

The app has two levels, a city view and a site view. When users open it they begin at the city view level with a parchment map tracing the line of the old city wall with its towers, gates and prisons.

The view is colour coded to show which parts of the wall are still standing, which are underground and which have been destroyed but identified through historical records.

Users can also see a 3D model of Dublin as it is believed to have looked in 1540. It comes from a bird's-eye view high above the city but, using a zoom feature, can be brought right down to rooftop level.

It allows and exploration of the layout of city streets, the size and shape of houses and a view of Dublin's two cathedrals and its large stone castle.

The app also features a modern Google street map with pins indicating the city wall sites and this can be used to navigate the city and follow the walking tour.

The site view of the city contains video, photos and text for each site along the wall and users can hone in by touching any hotspot on the parchment map or any pin on the Google street map.


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