Wednesday 22 November 2017

'Wipeout' threat to brothers

A NOTORIOUS band of gangster brothers have been put on a chilling hit list by a Dublin drugs lord.

THE gang boss has vowed to “wipe out” as many of the paramilitary brothers as he can and is believed to be behind a savage attack on one of their associates.

The man was attacked outside a large north Dublin nightclub in a sustained assault.

Sources fear the attack is a major shot across the bows of the gang brothers and could ignite one of the bloodiest feuds ever seen in the city.

The Herald has learned that a Donaghmede man, who is closely linked to a gang of RIRA brothers from the same area, was left with serious injuries after getting in a fight with a senior drugs trafficker outside the well known club.

It is understood that the shadowy dealer, who is based on the Malahide Road and has barely any previous criminal convictions, has claimed that he will strike against the Real IRA before they can target him.

“He knows that the Real IRA brothers are not going to take what happened to their mate lying down. They will want revenge but he thinks he is prepared for them.

“The dealer is ready to have a number of the brothers shot if needs be,” a source explained.

The drug dealer has always managed to stay one step ahead of gardai.

He is closely linked to a veteran criminal who is originally from Dublin but is now based in Cavan.

Sources believe the criminals have the “will and the firepower” to go to war with the Donaghmede-based Real IRA faction. Previously, the drugs trafficker was closely linked to two hitmen who are the chief suspects for murdering two innocent cousins at a Finglas service station in 2010.

After months being on the run in the North, these suspects are now spending most of their time in their stronghold of Kilbarrack. After the nightclub incident, sources say that “tensions are high” in the area .

The Donaghmede-based Real IRA outfit is understood to have raised hundreds of thousands of euro for their bosses in Northern Ireland by extorting money and taxing drug dealers.

They are the chief suspects for murdering Michael ‘Micka' Kelly (30), who was shot dead outside an apartment complex in Clongriffin last September.

Sources believe the murder was “directly” carried out by the Real IRA faction. Kelly, who was nicknamed ‘The Panda' by the media, was pumped with bullets from an AK-47 after he refused to pay the Real IRA a ‘drugs tax'

The Real IRA mob are now targeting Kelly's closest associates including Paul ‘Burger' Walsh, whose north Dublin home was firebombed in November, as well as the gangster nicknamed 'The Jew' who is understood to have fled to Spain with The Panda's money.

But with a new feud now on the horizon, sources believe that the feared dissident Republican gang “may have overextended themselves.”

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