Friday 22 March 2019

Winning Streak puts Dubs at top of list of show's luckiest counties

Winning Streak hosts Sinead Kennedy and Marty Whelan.
Winning Streak hosts Sinead Kennedy and Marty Whelan.

It's official - Dublin is the luckiest county in Ireland when it comes to Winning Streak.

More than €2.1m has been won on the long-running game show this season - with lucky Dubliners raking in the most cash, the National Lottery has revealed.

Seven players from the capital have won a total of €331,000 so far this series.

Donegal is the second luckiest county, with five players receiving a total of €216,000. Players from Cork have also done well on the RTE show, with six players winning a total of €176,000.

Carlow came in a close fourth place, with three players making a total of €141,000 while Meath rounded out the top five, with another three players taking home €119,000 between them.


Host Marty Whelan said that one of his favourite aspects of the series is that it is truly open to anyone.

"The players can be anybody. You have no idea what you're going to get and that's the great joy of it," he said. "Any game show, they pick guests based on age profile and size and that's what they do.

"We pull five names from a draw and hope that they're coherent. That's the great joy of it, it can be anybody," he told the Herald.

Co-host Sinead Kennedy said: "You really get the sense of what appearing on the show means for the participants, their families and friends.

"It's amazing fun."

Winning Streak first appeared on screens in September of 1990 and since then, 5,900 people have taken part and won in excess of €167m.

After almost three decades on the small screen, Marty (61) doesn't see Winning Streak going anywhere anytime soon.

"It's like anything, as long as it's popular it will be kept," he said.

"We are pitched against the big shows coming out of ITV and BBC and yet we are doing the big numbers."

Winning Streak returns to RTE One this Saturday, at 8:20pm

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