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Whistleblower’s bullying claims investigated

ACTING Garda Commissioner Norin O’Sullivan said she has asked senior garda managers to investigate 13 bullying and harassment complaints logged by whistleblower Sgt Maurice McCabe.

Speaking at the Oireachtas Justice Committee, Ms O’Sullivan said she has asked senior Garda managers to engage with Sgt McCabe to investigate those fresh claims.

It is understood that Sgt McCabe took sick leave from his job on Monday after filing 13 separate bullying and harassment complaints in the last month.

Ms O’Sullivan said senior management are in “daily contact” with him.

She told the Oireachtas Justice Committee that she has also called on the interim Garda Confidential Recipient to engage with Sgt McCabe’s legal team to investigate the claims of continued harassment.

Speaking at the committee, she said: “We are committed to hearing our members who want to raise matters of concern. They may not always be right, but they must be listened to. We must discuss things in a much more open way.”

It was revealed in the Dail on Tuesday that Sgt McCabe told his superiors in Mullingar Garda Station he needed to take sick leave on Monday after alleging a number of incidents of harassment and bullying.

The most recent complaint involved a colleague telling him he “ruined” the force with his allegations of garda misconduct according to TD Mick Wallace.

As she left Leinster House, Commissioner O’Sullivan talked with whistleblower John Wilson, who is now retired.

Ms O’Sullivan spent several minutes speaking to Mr Wilson who raised the treatment of Sgt McCabe with the Commissioner.

Mr Wilson later said that he called on the Commissioner to “ring McCabe directly” and forget about delegating the matter.