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Where do I go, begs dying woman in eviction battle

A terminally ill woman whose door was broken down by the city sheriff this week in an attempted eviction has said she would gladly leave her home if she had a place to go.

Amid dramatic and emotional scenes, the sheriff arrived at the house of Breda Hattaoui (60) on Susanville Road, Dublin, on Wednesday and smashed the door down in an attempt to remove her and her daughter Nadia under a court order.

But he was met with a stand-off from a group protecting Breda as she lay fear in her bed.

The eviction threat stems from a family dispute involving the property which went to the courts last July.

Today Breda and Nadia told the Herald they would gladly leave the house near Drumcondra if they could get accommodation elsewhere.

Speaking with tears in her eyes, Breda said she had signed a court order to leave the house last July in the belief she would be given accommodation elsewhere.


"I signed the piece of paper, but I never got any accommodation, and now we have been living like this ever since," said Breda.

'We have begged Dublin City Council to help us. We have talked to doctors and everybody, but nothing has happened," Nadia added.

Since the attempted eviction on Wednesday two representatives from Dublin City Council have called to the house to assess Breda's living conditions, but she says she has heard nothing since.

When asked for comment, the council said the matter was under consideration.

Anti-eviction advocate John Bowler held the sheriff's men back on Wednesday using a wood from the broken door.

The sheriff eventually withdrew, citing medical grounds. However, he has said it was still his intention to vacate the house.