Monday 18 December 2017

when banks were beautiful...

rte1, 7pm

There was a time, believe it or not, when 'bank' wasn't a dirty four-letter word. Architect Orla Murphy investigates the beautiful 19th-century banking halls of Dame Street in Dublin and the impact of personalities and politics on the architecture of finance houses. Plus, engineer Tim Joyce discovers how banking led to some innovative developments on the city's docks.

a touchy subject

nick & Margaret: Too Many 

bbc1, 9pm

In what looks like a fascinating programme, former Apprentice colleagues Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford explore the impact that immigration is having on Britain by bringing both sides of the debate together. Five UK-born citizens with strong views on the subject are paired with immigrants from Poland, France, Pakistan, the Philippines and Somalia, and in the first of two programmes they visit their homes and workplaces to assess how their arrival in London has affected jobs, the pressure on housing in the capital and what it means to be British. Concludes tomorrow.

suits you, sir

undercover boss

channel 4, 9pm

New series. Return of the documentary in which high-flying executives go undercover to ensure their businesses are fighting fit for the future (and for some great publicity). Brian Brick, chief executive of clothing retailer Moss Bros, swaps his suit for a dramatic disguise (oh dear...) in the hope of working undetected alongside his front-line staff. While undercover, Brian's shocked to discover demotivated employees, overstretched delivery drivers, and workers so desperate to improve the look of their shop that they are painting it themselves.

ups and downs

56 up

utv, 9pm

Another chance to see the 2012 instalment of the landmark documentary series, featuring an update on a group of participants whose lives have been chronicled since 1964, when they were seven-years-old. Michael Apted catches up with Sue Davis, Paul Kligerman, Neil Hughes and Peter Davies, finding out whether they have achieved their ambitions.

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